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    Learn online from the comfort of your home! This is an excellent course for midwives, doulas, nurses, pregnant people, and partners. Instructional videos show acupressure points and techniques, along with comprehensive written instruction.

  • Comprehensive

    Equip your hands with the knowledge of acupressure at your next birth with points and techniques for over 15 common birth issues such as fear, anxiety, womb stimulation, nausea, placenta retention, and more.

  • Get Certified!

    Receive a Certificate of Completion upon finishing this course and begin utilizing Acupressure for Birth in your personal practice. Also including a downloadable PDF quick reference guide of all the acupressure points!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the Course!
    • Welcome Message
    • Course Introduction
    • About Your Instructors
    • Outlines and Objectives
  • 2
    The Fundamentals of Acupressure
    • Why I Use Acupressure as a Birth Worker
    • Why Use Acupressure During Birth?
    • The Physiology Behind Acupressure and the Birthing Process
    • A Scientific View of Acupressure
    • About Cautions and Contraindications
    • List of Cautions and Contraindications
    • About Acupressure Techniques
    • Acupressure Techniques Demonstration
  • 3
    Acupressure Protocols for Birth Conditions
    • Intro to Acupressure Protocols
    • Acupressure Point Location Map
    • Labor Induction Points
    • Labor Induction Points Demonstration
    • Can you turn a breech presentation with Acupressure Points?
    • Points for Breech Presentation
    • Acupressure for Headaches
    • Headache Points Demonstration
    • Acupressure for Nausea and Morning Sickness
    • Nausea and Morning Sickness Points Demonstration
    • Sleep and Insomnia
    • Sleep and Insomnia Points Demonstration
    • Back Pain and Sciatica
    • Back Pain Points Demonstration
    • Relieving Shortness of Breath
    • Shortness of Breath Points Demonstration
    • Support for Anxiety and Fear
    • Anxiety Points Demonstration
    • Assistance Through Transition
    • Transition Points Demonstration
    • Acupressure for Caesarean Births
  • 4
    Acupressure for Postpartum
    • Uterine Recovery and Retention of the Placenta
    • Uterine Points Demonstration
    • Fatigue and Exhaustion
    • Fatigue Points Demonstration
    • Lactation Issues
    • Points for Lactation Demonstration
  • 5
    Course Wrap-Up
    • Wrapping Up
    • Thank you! Keep in touch!
    • Acupressure for Birth Assessment
    • Congratulations!

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“I am already certified in reflexology and acupressure and this was an EXCELLENT review of important points for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum!”


“Maranda and Evan are making a huge difference in the way we [birth professionals] treat our mamas, and anyone else in general. I absolutely loved it! I never knew I was missing this in life.”


“I absolutely loved this course. Maranda and Evan are so knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. I can't wait to use acupressure at my next birth! ”


“Great, thorough and inexpensive course! Very knowledgeable people, and excited to bring this level of care to my skillset!”


“Great course for dads who want to do more than hand holding! highly recommend. ”


“I highly recommend learning Acupressure for Birth! It was a great course!”

Your Instructors

Maranda and Evan Bussanich

Hi, I'm Maranda and I'm a certified birth and postpartum doula in the mountains of Western North Carolina. I'm passionate about women being empowered by their journey to motherhood. I believe that labor and birth are a sacred passage and is one I am honored to be a part of for each family I serve. I've witnessed so many women labor and birth over the years. I've attended unmedicated births, cesarian births, inductions, and everything in-between. I quickly noticed that the most common thing women are coached to do is to breathe. Breath work is important and beneficial, but surely there are other tools that mother and birth attendant can employ to help with pain and other issues during labor?While running our family's natural health and healing clinic, I would watch my husband treat countless patients with acupuncture. With his 20 years of expert guidance, I began learning the meridians of the body and how they correlate with health and aid for numerous ailments. Then I began to incorporate that knowledge into my doula practice. I have found in my years of being a doula that there isn't a lot of unmedicated assistance taught that a birth attendant can provide between contractions aside from (very important) emotional support. With acupressure techniques, I learned how to help nausea in transition, anxiety before pushing, womb stimulation for stalled labor, and more. These skills became invaluable to me and for my clients. So much so that many other birth workers, expectant mothers, and loving partners began asking me to teach them my techniques. And thus, with the help of my husband, Acupressure for Birth was born.
Your Instructors
My name is Evan Bussanich, and I've been studying and practicing acupuncture, herbal medicine, and functional medicine for the last 20 years. I've studied a wide variety of traditional healing techniques, while also trying to understand them from a scientific, functional medicine perspective. I believe that there is little in conflict between traditional medicine and scientific perspectives if they are viewed in the right ways. Clinically, acupuncture and acupressure have been extremely reliable therapeutic tools for centuries, and modern research has done a great deal to reveal the physiological mechanisms behind this success, although much of the relevant research that has been done in China, Japan, and Korea has not been read by the English speaking world or in many cases, has even been translated yet. Acupuncture and acupressure are treasure troves of therapeutic benefit that can help so many people if they can be delivered into more hands. I hope my expertise in this area can be of benefit to as many people as possible. We think together we make a pretty good team!
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